What causes delirium

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Delirium is a well-defined clinical entity, described in the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an acute change in attention, awareness, and cognition.
The first goal of treatment for delirium is to address any underlying causes or triggers — for example, by stopping use of a particular medication, addressing metabolic imbalances or treating an infection. Treatment then focuses on creating the best environment for healing the body and calming the brain.
There are many potential causes of delirium, including medications, infections, and electrolyte imbalances. Treatment focuses on identifying and correcting the underlying cause. When patients in a hospital delirium are confused, anxious, aggressive, or both, they can express themselves verbally and physically.
Something as simple as a bladder infection (sometimes called a urinary tract infection) or pneumonia can result in delirium. Other causes include certain medications, disturbances in electrolytes or other chemicals in the blood and failure of the kidneys or liver (both of which help remove waste and toxins from the body).
The woman suffered two strokes in succession. The first was minor and her condition improved quickly. The second came on suddenly and was more severe.