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GitHub - tommym89/Rubber-Ducky_RickRoll: Sneaky and brutal Rick Roll for Rubber Ducky. Works against Windows devices. tommym89 / Rubber-Ducky_RickRoll Public Notifications Fork 1 Star 1 Code Issues Pull requests Actions Projects Security Insights main 4 commits payload.txt Rubber-Ducky_RickRoll
Get the best payloads for the USB Rubber Ducky, Bash Bunny, Packet Squirrel, LAN Turtle, Shark Jack and Key Croc Page 13. This is a prank payload created by ratcode404 ( It's use is to create a fake malware, locking files but keeping settings stored for easy recovering. The ratlocker adds ratcode file.
Using the Rubber Ducky The USB Rubber Ducky, made popular by Hak5, is an amazing little tool. This innocent looking “USB Drive” actually emulates a computer keyboard and is capable of typing at incredible speeds. Plugging this device in an unlocked target computer allows you to extract passwords or install backdoors in a matter of seconds.
Arduino Rubber Ducky Video Tutorial. I will be showing you how you can literally hack a PC and control it remotely using this tiny board. I will share a complete tutorial, codes, and circuit diagrams in the description! The codes are also